Earn passive income in $BlueFloki tokens
First and Only TG Betting Dapp on SOL

About Us

Introducing BlueFloki: Revolutionizing Crypto Betting on Solana

BlueFloki is the First and Only Telegram Betting Dapp on Solana! This is not a meme token! Our custom Meme-Betting games have been played by over 500 players. The games are easy to play, rewarding, and highly addictive! We are currently live in 5 telegram channels with more being added every week! Our whitelabel service allows any project or coin to get our instant utility! See below for more details!

BlueFloki Whitelabel Service

Low Cost

For less than $1000, projects can get 1-3 custom betting games deployed in their TG. This includes the cost to redesign the games, Web Dapp, private servers, and 24/7 support

Increase User Engagement

Our games will boost user engagement in your TG. The games are addictive, fun and rewarding. Communities that play together, stay together! Free gameplay can be used as rewards for twitter engagement.

Generate Revenue

Partner projects can generated $100-$1000 per day in potential revenue from utilizing our games in their TG. This revenue comes from the small Casino Tax that is implemented on all bets

Instant Utility

Gain an instant utility that will make your project stand out! Turn around time to build the games for your project is 24-48 Hours.

Extra Marketing

Every partnership project is marketed to the BlueFloki community. We are stronger together.

More Info

For questions, or to discuss a potential partnership, please reach out to our owner/dev @BlueFlokiSOL on TG or twitter.

Our Community

Join our community and let's create something great together with BlueFloki!


Team 10%

Casino 20%

Total Supply 10M

Liquidity 70%

Token Symbol: BlueFloki

Our Roadmap

Phase One Influencer Onboarding

In the initial phase, we strategically engage with influential figures and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the crypto community. By onboarding these thought leaders, we aim to amplify the visibility and credibility of $BlueFloki on the Solana blockchain. Collaborating with KOLs helps us establish a strong foundation for the token's growth, leveraging their reach and influence to garner widespread attention and interest.

Phase Two Grand Launch

With the support of our KOL partners, $BlueFloki is set to make a grand entrance into the crypto space. On the first day of launch, we aim to attract over 100 unique players to participate in the ecosystem. This ambitious goal not only showcases the project's appeal but also creates a vibrant and active community right from the outset. The launch is carefully orchestrated to ensure a smooth onboarding process and an exciting introduction to the $BlueFloki experience.

Phase Three Full-Scale Marketing Blitz

As $BlueFloki gains momentum, we kick off a comprehensive marketing campaign across various platforms. The goal is to democratize access to the $BlueFloki experience, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to play and, most importantly, make substantial gains. Our marketing efforts span social media, crypto forums, and other channels, creating a buzz and driving widespread adoption. This phase marks a crucial step in the project's journey as we actively involve the broader crypto community in the $BlueFloki movement.

Phase Four Memetility Domination

In the final phase, we set our sights on establishing $BlueFloki as the premier memetility coin on the Solana blockchain. Memetility, a fusion of meme and utility, becomes the driving force behind $BlueFloki's success. We innovate, engage the community, and introduce unique gameplay features that not only entertain but also contribute to the coin's utility. By becoming the go-to memetility coin on Solana, $BlueFloki solidifies its position as a dynamic and influential player in the crypto space, setting the stage for continued growth and success.